Exclusive for Overseas Pakistanis

PFOC provides tailor-made assistance by understanding emerging trends and tax requirements for overseas businesses and individuals . This includes any association of individuals, that are facing difficulties in getting complete financial management consultation.

Using teams of highly qualified chartered accountants and financial consultants, PFOC is a true one-stop shop for your business needs.

Our well-informed financial consulting services and calculated risk maneuvering makes your business grow with higher credibility and confidence.

Services Offered at PFOC for Overseas Pakistanis

  • Tax & Compliance

Reviewing and filing financial transactions can be time-taking and tedious as it is difficult to keep up with yearly changes in taxation policies of governments and difficult to ascertain which laws apply to what jurisdiction or activity. PFOC allows individuals to reduce their workloads significantly in researching these laws and their specific applications to the given case. We provide overseas Pakistanis with applications of the most recent updates of tax law tailored to their specific cases.

In effect, PFOC clients can gain insight on future financial decisions in accordance with updated tax laws. Consequently, our customers enjoy ease of mind in executing financial transactions and reporting their financial activities for taxation and review by the government. This allows individuals to be able to focus on their plans to maintain and improve their own financial positions while resting assured that these plans remain legally secure.

  • Bank Assistance

Banks host a wide range of options for different types of accounts, loan schemes and saving schemes. Deciding which of these options work best for your specific needs may be a time-consuming and demanding task. Specifically, overseas Pakistanis will find it difficult to gain information regarding these schemes from banks that are geographically far away from them. In addition, bank customers may end up spending time and money figuring out which department or point of contact is supposed to answer their query. At PFOC, we go deep into researching your needs as a financial actor and recommend the best accounts, loans, and savings option available at all major banks.

  • Government of Pakistan Initiatives

The Government of Pakistan continues to roll-out initiatives designed to benefit overseas Pakistanis in terms of investments and financial transactions. However, keeping up with the specific benefit a large-scale scheme may provide to an individual may be difficult to narrow down. Also, with more and more policies being incepted every year, there will be difficulties overseas Pakistanis face in deciding the best method benefit from these policies. Besides finding and applying for such initiatives, overseas Pakistanis will find it difficult to reach out to concerned departments in the government’s bureaucratic structure. PFOC keeps clientele up to date with thorough research of the most recent policy updates by the Government of Pakistan and helps prepare applications to avail policies designed to benefit the client’s particular circumstances, in the most time-efficient manner possible.

  • Business Start-ups

Startups often have problems getting registered with local business regulatory authorities such as Securities Exchange Commission Pakistan (SECP), in case of Pakistan or at Companies House in case of the United Kingdom. It will be tedious deciding a company name, developing a company structure, figuring out segments of the market and completing many other tasks necessary to get a new business going. This is especially true for startups, since they may have an innovative idea to provide value to consumers and may even have investors but often teams running startups lack experience and skill required to set up a business. Therefore, many startups end up not reaching their potential despite having raised decent funding and having brilliant ideas.

PFOC helps founders and those involved in running startups to make crucial decisions that separate them from other contemporaries. We recognize that decisions made earlier on in the life of a company are often much more important than ones made later, since earlier decisions narrow down choices the company might have in the future. Which is why we provide startups with a comprehensive business strategy that allows them to make decisions on branding, marketing, company growth, human resource strategy and much more by assessing the potential of their idea in the market.

  • Imports & Exports

A rising number of firms rely upon imports from other countries to source raw material for use in production. On the other hand, with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of decreasing the Trade Deficit, a huge number of businesses are looking towards exports to carry out trading. However, in doing so, many businesses face challenges finding the right fit for their supply chain or the right market to target for their product range.

PFOC helps businesses identify what markets to target if you are looking to export and what type of suppliers to look at for imports. Our team of experts does this by researching similar products, complimentary products or simply where the use-case for your product best fits. As a result, we can help businesses expand into foreign markets in a way that might not otherwise be .

  • Custom Clearance

Navigating through bureaucratic red tape to move goods either in to or out of the country is a time-consuming and complicated chore. Customs may seize goods, delay their movement, or impose additional taxes that owners may be previously unaware of. Therefore, Overseas Pakistanis find themselves hesitant to send or receive goods that must go through Customs in Pakistan.

At PFOC, we recognize that the smooth and timely delivery of products from trading counterparts or friends and family members from another country can make both the recipient and sender’s lives much more convenient. Firstly, we decipher the legal classification of the product that is to be processed through customs. Following this, we assess taxes that may be levied on it. Next, we provide our clients with an assured timeline and cost for moving the product. Finally, we manage all communication with the Customs Office necessary to ship the goods. Because of this, clients don’t have to deal with unnecessary interruptions in their plans and enjoy peace of mind.

  • Estate Planning and Wills

Planning your estate (the property you will leave for your loved ones) is perhaps one of the most important things that you do for your family’s future. Given careful consideration and proper planning, this is then put into a will which records your last instructions on how your property will be dispensed posthumously. A will not only specifies how your estate shall be distributed but also your funeral wishes, guardianship of children and the person you wish to appoint as the administer of your will, called an executor.
PFOC has been helping clients, especially immigrants and overseas Pakistanis to help plan their estate and write wills through professionals who know financial intricacies. Our advisors understand your motivation and then work with you to plan your estate and craft a will. We have Shariah advisors and experts on our panel who help write Shariah compliant wills approved by an Islamic scholar (

  • Expats in Pakistan

Expatriates returning to settle in Pakistan may find that there is a host of arrangements they are required to make to maintain a decent standard of living. These arrangements include setting up healthcare, education, residence, taxation, and employment. This requires an understanding of local service providers and legal procedures.

PFOC carries out this research for you. Thus, even before you arrive, we will have shortlisted the best possibilities for your unique circumstances. We will assist in filling out all necessary paperwork and ensuring that the specific insurance package you receive is the best suited for your needs. The process of choosing service providers, packages, and residence needs an external consultant, such as PFOC, to remove cognitive biases. We boast of extensive experience operating inside the Pakistani service provision eco-system as well as a having a history of timely deliverance to our clients.

PFOC: A Home Away from Home for Overseas Pakistanis

PFOC Accountants eliminate the need to search for an all-encompassing accountancy firm. Our corporate headquarters in Putney, London provide practical and efficient solutions to all your accounting needs.

Our skilled tax and finance professionals work diligently to make your life simpler by reducing financial stress and making business models more lucrative and efficient in accordance with up-to-date regulations.

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