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An investment is an asset that is created with the intention of allowing money to grow. The wealth created can be used for a variety of objectives such as meeting shortages in income, saving up for retirement, or fulfilling certain specific obligations such as repayment of loans, payment of tuition fees, or purchase of other assets.

Understanding investments will allow you to make the right choices for the future. Investments generates income in two ways. Firstly, if you invest in a saleable asset, you earn income by way of profits.

Secondly, if Investment is made in a return generating plan, then you will earn an income via accumulation of gains over time. Thus, investments are putting your savings into assets or objects that become worth more than their initial worth with time for example stocks, bonds, fixed deposits, and direct equity. Investments can be categorized as:

  • Growth Investments

These are more suitable for long term investors that are willing and able to withstand market ups and downs.

  • Defensive investments

These are more focused on consistently generating income, rather than growth, and are considered lower risk than growth investments.

Why are Investments Important?

Investments ensure future financial security. It allows you to grow wealth and at the same time generate inflation-beating returns. Furthermore, investments have the potential to meet your financial goals, such as purchasing a house, accumulating retirement funds, and building emergency funds. Some investment vehicles like Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Pension System (NPS), etc., help minimise tax liability.

  • Reach Your Financial Goals

Investing is one of the most important ways to achieve financial goals. As a person goes through life, there are new financial requirements that come up every day. It usually starts with buying a house. Even if one funds a house through a loan, there is the requirement of a substantial down payment. By investing through a mix of assets, an individual can build up the corpus required for such lump sum pay-outs.

  • Retirement Plan or FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

Most people invest for retirement purposes. It becomes difficult to sustain lifestyle after retirement. This means that everyone needs to invest a part of their income during working years to ensure a nest egg after retirement. The “FIRE” movement has become a major movement these days. “Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE)” is a goal that many are striving for. Saving a major proportion of income from a young age can allow one to retire at the age of 40-45 years, instead of the 60-65 years.

  • Tax Efficiency

Investing helps in saving taxes as there are accounts, where the tax on your investments is lower or even non-existent. As governments reduce their responsibility toward funding their citizens’ retirement years, they have created these types of accounts so that citizens can fund their own retirement.

  • Beat Inflation

Investing is also important to beat inflation. If you don’t invest your money but just leave it in your checking or savings account, the money will decline in purchasing power as inflation will eat away the value of your money in time. To insure yourself against such a situation, it makes sense to start investing in a mix of assets that can beat inflation.

What Services are Covered Under Investments? 

PFOC offers the following investment-based services:

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Portfolio allocation such as a proper mix of bonds and stocks
  • Equity research and buy and sell recommendations
  • Financial planning and advising
  • Estate and retirement planning as well as asset distribution
  • Debt issuance such as a bond offering
  • New securities underwriting
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)

PFOC: Invest in Your Future

PFOC eliminates the need to search for an all-encompassing accountancy and finance firm. Our corporate headquarters in Johar Town, Lahore provide practical and efficient solutions to all your accounting and financial needs.

The skilled tax and finance professionals at PFOC, work diligently to make your life simpler by reducing financial stress and making business models more lucrative and efficient in accordance with up-to-date regulations.

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