Legal Advice, Digitally

PFOC provides legal guidance to businesses and individuals as well. We have, in this role, many of the same responsibilities as lawyers. However, PFOC solely provides legal advice outside of the courtroom. Common fields that we work in include business law, real estate, foreign affairs, and financial law. Clients hire us as legal consultants to ensure that they are making the right legal decisions and developing business practices according to the word of the law.

PFOC gives masterfully professional legal guidance on an authoritative premise to organizations and individuals. We give exhortation on various significant issues relying upon what their consulting centre is, and basic topics include corporate law, real estate law, business law, and clinical law.

PFOC’s legal expertise also lies outside the realm of traditional legal representation. We offer legal expertise in matters such as employment, securities, government compliances and structural organizations. We also perform in-house investigations which in legal parlance is called due diligence.

Why is Legal Consultancy Essential?

Pakistan is witnessing the most eventful phase of her evolution today. Driven by new business opportunities, proliferation of smaller law firms, growth of LPO alternatives, and the impending entry of foreign law firms, our market is in phase of transition. This change is presenting newer challenges, which in turn is setting off a sharp need to manage businesses legally in Pakistan.

  • Economic Significance of Legal Consultancy

Economic analysis and evidence suggests that legal services have wide ranging significance due to their close connection with the general institutional architecture of modern society. It also suggests that it is not by chance that good economic performance is closely associated with a stable and well-functioning legal system. Institutions that are stable and credible facilitate economic development and lead to higher levels of economic activity. In addition, lawyers actively contribute to this via their conduct

  • The Right of Every Human Being

Every human being is born free and has rights, some imparted by nature and some by society. For a society to be healthy and prosperous it must be, first and foremost, a just society. A welfare society cannot exist if every citizen of the state, rich or poor, man or woman, old or young, VIP or common are not scanned equally in the eyes of the law. If a state deviates from the notions of equality and justice, anarchy follows suit.

  • Population Problem

In a country of over 220 million humans, it is extremely difficult to provide equal opportunity of justice to everyone. Thus, the justice system is continually overhauling and improving the system so that provision of justice expands to all strata of society. Failing this, again, chaos will rule, illustrating the significance of this sector.

  • Right to Legal Aid

Legal aid is the assistance of counsel and legal advocacy for people living at or near poverty in legal matters that fall outside of the criminal justice system. For people facing civil legal challenges, such as unlawful evictions, foreclosure, domestic abuse, or wrongful denial of government assistance, navigating the justice system without a lawyer can be impossible. This puts justice out of reach for low-income people, and undermines a fundamental principle of our nation, that:  the amount of money a person has should not determine the quality of justice they receive.

Specialized Legal Consultancy Services  

The list of legal services include advice on:

  • Investments (Local and International)
  • Contracts
  • Company Incorporation
  • Intellectual Property Laws
  • Venture Capital 
  • Advice on Disputes
  • Tax Planning (Legal Implications)
  • Partnership Changes

PFOC: Because Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

PFOC eliminates the need to search for an all-encompassing accountancy and finance firm. Our corporate headquarters in Johar Town, Lahore provide practical and efficient solutions to all your accounting and financial needs.

The skilled tax and finance professionals at PFOC, work diligently to make your life simpler by reducing financial stress and making business models more lucrative and efficient in accordance with up-to-date regulations.

Expert Advice

Dr. Zubair Abbasi
Legal Consultant

I have a DPhil Law from Oxford University and more than a decade of experience teaching law. I am an expert in Sharia Law and here to help you plan you estate and wills according to the Islamic Law.

Whether you are seeking advice on corporate affairs, IP laws or want to draft a binding legal contract, reach out to me today to get an iron clad legal advice.   

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